Aerial Asset
Inspection Solutions

Maximising your routine inspections


Aerial Asset Inspection Solutions operate multi-rotor RPA

Safety First

Providing access to high-level objects easily increasing worker safety

Cloud Data

Completed inspection imagery is presented in a Cloud platform

Aerial Asset Inspection Solutions

aerial asset inspection roof inspection uav inspection drone inspection roof tiles

Find problems fast!

This tiled roof was too steep to access for a routine inspection. Within 2 minutes we easily detected the area in which suspected water ingress was coming from.
With these detailed images and location, our client was able to obtain quotes to ensure its repair.

aerial asset inspection roof inspection uav inspection drone inspection telco phone tower

Inspect all towers with ease

Accessing high towers for a routine inspection with ladders is something that isn't required anymore. By deploying an RPA you can quickly inspect and ascertain any possible repairs prior to climbing and putting a contractor/employee at risk.

aerial asset inspection roof inspection uav inspection drone inspection construction

Track your progress

Using the internal GPS and a Waypoint mission, we can carry-out routine inspections at the same location week-on-week or month-on-month to determine any discrepancies. These images can be used for historical analysis over the project duration or through any warranty periods.

Get high to see all the damage

Insurance companies are now better off with the ability for fast, detailed inspection of the damaged property. Previously, an inspector or contractor would need to access this roof with a ladder which could be on uneven ground.

We inspect all types of properties

Aerial Asset Inspection Solutions isn't just for big business, we are here to help the homeowner inspect their house, shed or water tanks. A routine gutter inspection or post-storm inspection can be quickly carried for peace of mind.

Aerial Asset Inspection Solutions has the resources and know how to carry-out your routine inspections

You might know that you have a problem, we can pinpoint its exact location and severity

With operators available throughout South East Queensland, we can be onsite we you require

Utilising zoom lenses on our RPA, we can provide you with close-up high-detailed images

Presenting your imagery on a cloud platform, you can easily share it with external contractors for quotes

We help businesses manage their infrastructure lifecycle

Before utilising RPA we had an inspection cycle that took 60-days, spread over 5-years using 5-men who eye-balled only. The first year we used RPA, our inspection was cut to 6-days with only 2-men and captured multiple photos of each asset.ENERGY PROVIDER, QLD

We want to help you maximise your routine inspections

Able to assist in implementing processes to train your own operators

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